Private Institution of Further Vocational Education
«GAZPROM’s Training Simulator Computer Center»

Private Institution of Further Vocational Education ‘GAZPROM’s Training Simulator Computer Center’ (GAZPROM’s TSCC) – is a nongovernmental educational institution directly related to Public JSC Gazprom. Functioning as a sectoral educational institution, the Centre operates under the General Education License (Reg. No. ДПО-2166 of January 26, 2016 Serial 39Л01 No. 0000705). Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

GAZPROM’s TSCC has awards for its best developments; our numerous accomplishments have been acknowledged by a number of medals, certificates of merit and several inventor’s certificates. We have been regular exhibitors at various international exhibitions in Italy, Greece, Germany, Denmark and Poland.

Lines of Activity
The core activities of the Centre are
— development of training materials and teaching aids including software for training purposes;
— provision of educational services

GAZPROM’s TSCC carries on the following activities:
— schedule vocational training and advanced training activities for the development of vocational competences of Gazprom management and regular staff;
— develop training programs, training materials and learning aids for learners;
— arrange Management Academies, workshops, seminars and other training activities;
— develop new training simulation and computer-based training systems and put them into practice;
— develop and improve the system of continuous professional development for specialists of Gazprom companies and facilities;
— develop training materials and teaching aids, found a specialized library for careers in gas industry;
— improve training forms and methods; organize and conduct occupational training courses, industry-specific workshops and seminars.

GAZPROM’s Training Simulator Computer Center has vast experience in education and training of Gazprom personnel and holds numerous industry-related collection of training materials and teaching aids; there are all necessary material and training resources in the Centre which are continuously improving to make the training process meet the world highest standards.


 Kaliningrad, ul. Generala Galitskogo, 20

+7 (4012) 59-52-50,


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